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    Stormy Sunset Tray

    $15.00 $12.00
    This silver tray is an oval 12"wide and 9" high.  The red, teal and gold swirls are a match to the Stormy Sunset Coasters found here.  Pair these up for a nice wedding, housewarming, birthday or anniversary gift.  PS.  It also makes a great Valentine's Day gift--pair it with the coasters to really make a statement!
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    This gorgeous tray is a match to the Hearts of Passion coasters.  Made with the same candy red and white chalcedony as the coasters, the latter dual-tone color has produced more of a gold sparkle mix with the candy but as the light changes so does the variation of the gold to white, a very interesting affect.  The striations and cells are truly awesome and the food safe coating makes it perfect for light treats.  Small half round pearl feet make it easy to pick up from the table.  Your Valentine will certainly appreciate this beautiful tray as your "Heart Day" gift.
  • Having snacks with your wine, serve them on this unique "flattened" wine bottle tray!  The label is a from a local winemaker in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  Pair it with a Wine Glass Holder or coaster set and what a wonderful gift you have created!  
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    Galaxy Coasters and Tray

    This beautiful, 3D design has 4 layers of depth to enhance the universe and its amazing colors.  The feathering and striations are amazing in the purple, orange, lime, fuchsia and gold.  Take home the full set for a special savings.  These are truly a one of kind set.  Each design is uniquely different.  Enjoy!!  
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    Fall Leaves

    $15.00 $13.00
    A little something for your fall decor. Each is approximately 7" in diameter. A light tan background with dried glitz flowers, and evergreen sprig surround a beautiful deep red fall leaf. Use them as decor on a shelf, a serving platter for the table, or even a very large coaster! They will sure to evoke the Fall season and the changing colors of the leaves.